Crocodile Hunt Slots

Venturing into the depths of Rival Gamings slot game Crocodile Hunt, feels like a journey, through a jungle. The crocodile near the reels adds an element of movement. The real focus is on the 7x7 reel setup, and Cluster Pays mechanism. With its volatility and an 97% RTP don't always expect jackpot wins here. Surprisingly despite, the crocodile theme the symbols, on the reels are gemstones than wildlife related icons. The overall design quality falls, short of expectations offering appeal.

In this game seven different gemstone, symbols can land on the reels to form winnings, cluster combinations when five matching symbols connect either, vertically or horizontally.

After spinning some very few times we, managed to trigger the spins feature which granted us 10 free spins with a rewarding payouts. Unfortunately there, were no for free spin it retriggers during our session. Additionally it remains, uncertain whether the Snap 'n' Stack feature activates during free spins mode.

While Crocodile Hunt offers, some gameplay elements and potential rewards in its bonus features such, as spins and cluster pays, mechanics it falls short in terms of design quality and jackpot excitement.

If I may offer a suggestion, it's best not to play the slot machine for, to many spins. We tested it playing out. Noticed that the level of unpredictability, increased significantly. This is likely the pattern that Rival has designed for it.

Have you ever had a feeling that something, was not quite right when playing a slot game. You couldn't quite put your finger on it? That's exactly what happened; to us while playing Crocodile Hunt. We appreciate, the Cluster mechanic because; it leads to wins when activated. Additionally the free spins. The Snap 'n' Stack Multiplier are where you can, rake in some cash in this slot game. Another aspect we enjoy is its frequency of hitting wins.

One of the features in this game is the Snap 'n' Stack Multiplier. It's a win multiplier, that can significantly boost your earnings potentially reaching up to a 64x multiplier. When you achieve a winning, sequence for the time it triggers the Snap 'n' Stack feature at a 2x multiplier level. The interesting, part is that each subsequent winning sequence doubles this multiplier. However if your next sequence is not successful the multiplier stack resets.

The visuals of the game showcase; an explosion of colors as if an artist splattered paint, across the reels.

On the side of your screen there's a crocodile that bites the screen, each time a winning group appears adding a touch of unique to the slot game. The soundtrack, is rather dull. Doesn't offer excitement. The backdrop features a jungle setting, for the reels with symbols displayed on the grid. Among them are colorful gems the crocodile, scatter symbol and the, wild symbol. The valuable symbol is the gem, which pays out $150 for 9 in a row if your bet, per spin averages $30. The Wild symbol itself doesn't any value holds. but it for symbols but not the scatter symbol. It's important to attention to it when its scoring wins with nice clusters.

Clusters to come with identical symbols on the horizontally or the vertically, its on the grid. Its very important to diagonal connections don't they count, towards creating a clusters. Remember larger clusters they will to give a lot winnings.

Crocodile Hunt also it have, a drop mechanic, where, symbols are; to give players another shots at big winning. With each drop the multiplier get very bigger to getting its peak in what they calls; Snap n Stack. Occasionally there you'll to see a wild symbol, in colors on the reels to take others symbols away.

Playing this slot was; very big fun. We're very looking forward to your playing it. For those who're looking for to know the games mechanics trying it out, could be very good for you. We admire, the Cluster engine, as it sets very the stage for you're big wins.