Goldenman Slots

Goldenman draws inspiration from a character, in Marvel comics. Ironman,. With a twist. Think of it as an upgraded version of Ironman. The entire slot game is themed in gold from the reels, to the background and buttons. When you start playing, the game it's evident that Rival Gaming took cues from the popular superhero Iron Man. The main character in the game, sports an outfit to that of Tony Stark. However what's shinier than iron? Gold!

Rival Gaming aims to position Goldenman not. as a competitor to the known characters but as something exceptional. The question remains; does the game meet expectations?

The gameplay unfolds on a layout featuring, five reels and, theres three rows for spinning. Rival Gaming has incorporated 20 paying out lines across this setup although these lines are for yours customization enough.

Simply utilize the 'Select Lines button, to tailor, your preferences. Following that tp changing your bet amount, per spin by selecting, a coins value between $0.01 and $0.25.

Simply choose the numbers, of the coins you'll wish to bet upon, each line ranging from one, to ten with a total bet of $50, per spin.

Rival has included some; nice graphics in the, Goldenman game with the screen in a golden hue. Enough all elements, showcase a touch of gold.

As you gaze upon, the five-reels you will encounter symbols featured in the slots game. The lineup begins with an atom symbol followed, by a stack of ingots. Next in line is a depiction of Goldenmans armor suit. A dynamic image of Goldenman in action, follows, offering rewards up to 100 times your bet. Another symbol takes the form of a gun while two civilian, figures make an appearance. However the lucrative standards, symbol is that of Goldenmans adversary promising very good rewards reaching very much times your stake.

During gameplay keep your eyes out for, a rocket ship symbol appearing solely on the reel. That serves as an expanding, feature to this slot machine. Initially occupying one position it is as a substitute, for all of basic symbols, in Goldenman helping you in to forming wins.

If more wins can be on lines the wild symbol will get very bigger to cover the reel and, reward payouts accordingly. This special symbol also appears on reels two and three during spins.

A close up of Goldenmans face serves, as the jackpot symbol in this game. Landing this, symbol in three or more locations, can result in payouts. Get five of them on the screen. You'll receive very many times your bet. Another important symbol, to watch for is Goldenman raising his hand as if preparing to strike an enemy, which triggers the free spins feature, when three appear scattered across the reels. Activating this good feature awards 15 spins with a 2x on all winning combinations.

Players always, appreciate slots, with features like the bonus round, in Goldenman. Rival has made it so that this round activates when three of them symbols of Goldenman flying appear on the reels.

These symbols can appear anywhere since, the bonus symbol is as a scatter. During this phase you'll have the chance to attack your foes. If you've been wagering with, coins and payings lines you'll earn, an extra shot, in the feature.

Although there resemblance is between Goldeman and Iron Man is quite obvious Rival has; managed to infuse this game with a identity well. By incorporating, spins a bonus round and, an bigger wild feature, the game offers its brand, of entertainment to players. Additionally Rival Gaming has incorporated book, style graphics into the game making it visually appealing while, delivering gameplay. Rival Gaming has created their superhero Goldenman so enjoyable that he could potentially, have his own comics book series, movies franchise and toy line. However our focus remains, on to helping him in defeating his Golden Faces forces and collecting all those 24 carat rewards along there the way, in this very nice slots.