Popping Pinatas Slots

Pinatas make a popular addition to many birthday parties and similar events. You can expect to find them in this slot game too. There is more involved in Popping Pinatas than you might expect, hence why we reviewed it for you here.

Who is the developer?

Popping Pinatas was created by Rival Gaming.

A demo is included if you want to try it

Trying slot games before committing to real bets is a smart idea. You can try this one in the same way.

Exploring the Popping Pinatas theme

We are in Mexico for this one, as shown by the background and the members of the Mariachi band involved in the action.

It’s a good design

The design of this slot game works hard in many ways. Two characters are featured in the game, standing on either side of the reels. The background is blurry, adding to the 3D effect you already get from floating symbols across the reels. There is a lot of detail involved too.

How to play the Popping Pinatas slot game

The game uses five reels but does not include a jackpot. The daytime setting the game uses to start with is one of two – the other is the night round. We’ll cover these in more detail shortly. The dog is wild in the day mode, while a toucan takes over the wild role at night. The game includes two bonus symbols as well. during the day, you’ll see this as a pinata. At night, it changes to Perdido the dog. It might sound confusing but it’s easy to get the hang of once you know more about the game.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are 50 to use in this game.

Betting options

There are lots of options here. Coins start at one cent apiece, maxing out at a quarter. You also have the chance to wager from one to 10 coins per line. We suggest choosing all the lines and going for a smaller coin value.

Make sure you read the paytable

It’s vital to do this because it explains more about each feature included in the game.

Bonus features in Popping Pinatas

Features? Yes, plural… and the first is unlocked in the day portion of the game. Find three pinata icons and you’ll be able to hit them to see which prizes they grant you. The night round has its own bonus, triggered with three appearances of Perdido. How do you access the night round if you are in the day part of the game? Look for three skulls as they will take you there. Once you get the Perdido icons you need, the bonus feature begins. This is called Find Pequeno.

Rival hasn’t included any free games

You do get two bonuses though, so we guess you won’t miss them.

RTP is lower than the average for slots online today

It dips to 94.35% here.

Our rating for Popping Pinatas

The game has plenty of entertainment on the reels if you can find it. With two modes, two bonuses, and plenty to look out for, it’s worth 8/10 from us.

No progressive jackpots available here

The slot game doesn’t add anything progressive to the action. Of course, there is so much going on you may not miss it. The odds are long on getting those prizes anyway.

Try the demo to see what you think

This is always a recommended starting point whenever you see a new slot game. Popping Pinatas comes with a demo, so why not try it?

Rival casinos offer the paid version too

This is good to know if you are keen to see whether you can play for real prizes. Does your budget work with the coin range given in this game?

You can also play on tablet or smartphone

From Android to iOS, you can enjoy everything this game can offer thanks to the accessibility and the touchscreen version of the Popping Pinatas slot.