Responsible Gaming

Welcome To Winbig21 Casino - Responsible Gaming

When you play at Winbig21 Casino you should know that we take responsible gaming very serious. You should follow the tips below so you can be sure that you will have a positive, fun and safe experience :

Always remember that gambling is a form of entertainment and not to be used to make financial gain on a regular basis.

Try to set yourself a reasonable budget and stick to it.

Never ever spend more than you can safely afford and don't chase any loss.

When you are under stress, upset or under the influence of either drugs or alcohol then please don't gamble.

If you are finding that your gambling is causing problems with friends and family or other responsibilities then stop.

Always regulate the amount of money and time that you spend on gambling.

You could have a gambling addiction if you:

  • Are gambling more than you can afford to lose.
  • Are gambling because you are depressed.
  • Are starting to lose interest in your family, friends and other interests
  • Have started to lie about how much money you are spending on gambling or the amount of time you spend on it.
  • Are finding that all of your money is spent on gambling and that you don't want to use any other form of entertainment.
  • Are starting to receive criticism from your family and friends because they think you have a gambling problem.
  • Are suffering from mood swings or depression or despair due to losing money regularly at gambling.
  • Are finding yourself considering criminal activities and cheating, lying orusing theft to fund your gambling addiction.
  • Are starting to get addicted to gambling and coming online most of the time

As long as you are level headed and know when to stop gambling then you shouldn't have any problems. However it is always wise to keep a check on your behaviour and know when you are starting to use gambling as an escape. If you gamble responsibly and never go over what you can afford to lose, then you should always have an enjoyable and fun experience. Remember that gambling should only be used occasionally as a form of entertainment.