Security & Privacy

We are a Secure Online Casino at Winbig 21 and know that protecting ourplayers data is very important both to you and to us. We will never reveal your name, address, email, date of birth, phone number, credit/debit card data, or any other type of personal information that we have on our files when you register with us.

Please read below all of our Terms and Privacy Policy Conditions before you play:

Privacy: Winbig21 Casino and all of our subsidiaries are very committed to respecting your privacy. You can rest assured that whatever information you have given us will always remain private.

Website Information:We do not keep any email address of our players. Any Internet protocol addresses are only logged to assist in our website operation and for statistical purposes.

Advertising System:Your IP address is only logged for our marketing system so we can give you specific promotions and offers. These may include language banners. It does not however, log your email address.

Account Creation Information : All of the information that is used when you create your account is confidential and only for our use at Winbig212 Casino. We will not and do not use or share any data with any other organisation or third party.We will make every effort to safeguard and protect your information as best we can. However, we assume that there is no liability or responsibility for disclosure of this information outside of every precaution we have took. This will include parties that may get unauthorised access through intervention or errors in the transmission.

We sometimes collect email addresses of people who correspond with us due to promotions. If you do not require this then you should send us a blank email. This should be addressed to the Support Team and should have the word “REMOVE” put into the subject heading.

Security: Winbig21 Casino has many security measures and rules to safeguard all of your personal data against any unauthorised access, accidental loss, disclosure, improper use and unauthorised modification. So all communication between our players and Winbig21 Casino are absolutely secure.

Winnings:All of your winnings will be kept confidential and private and will be kept in a secure online environment. Winbig21 Casino will keep this information private and will not reveal it to any third party unless is has to be disclosed by law, regulation or competent regulatory authority or government.