Sherwood Forest Fortunes Slots

Sherwood Forest Fortunes is a game, by Rival Powered that draws inspiration from the tales of Robin Hood. It features a 5 reel setup with, 20 payout lines, where winnings are granted, from left to right. The game includes a multi level bonus round where players embark on a journey through, territories on a game map. Each bonus round reveals tiles. Expanding wild symbols offering a nice look into the upcoming challenges. Fans of Robin Hood will, very appreciate encountering characters, in this gaming experience.

Many of us have always, been captivated by the adventures of Robins Hood and his very good band of merry outlaw. This very iconic medieval figure, known for championing, rights has, inspired storytellers, filmmakers and even game developer. The release of, Sherwood Forest Fortunes again very showcases the good appeal of this theme.

Embark, on this i slot adventure. You won't be disappointed. The game unfolds, in stages that transition as you trigger bonus rounds.

Each stage presents very nice symbols some featuring characters, in different arrangements along, with various bonus symbols and second screen bonus rounds. Following each, bonus round there's an interlude where a snippet of the story is showcased. The peculiar aspect, of these interludes is that the characters engage in movements, conflicts, expressions of displeasure. and scheming against, each other without uttering any dialogue giving, the cartoons a incomplete appearance.

In addition to the aforemention bonus rounds special, features like free wilds, free scatters, free spins and multipliers are also for your included. These features can be activated at a rate since Sherwood Forest Fortunes allows players to wager coin values are to be ranging from $0.01 until to $0.25 and place there up to 10 coins per payline. This setup caters to players of all types, by offering them the opportunity to experience its diversity and potentially land a prize.

Like Rival Gaming iSlots games what sets it, apart is its progressive and interactive Bonus Round. You'll need to spin in three quivers to initiate this enticing feature.

Your adventure, in Sherwood Forest can lead you to rewards as you begin by crossing, the bridge into the woodlands exploring the village and ultimately, facing off against the Sheriff of Nottingham at his castle. Along the way you can enjoy good activities like archery with; a scarecrow target redistributing wealth from the affluent to, the fortunate and confronting the Sheriff himself.

Maid Marion may seem lovely as a button. Your heart will to very skip there beat when you gets 3 to 5 of her symbols, on the reels. This will trigger 5 or 25 spins with tripled prizes. She also has the power; to turn Robin Hood wild appearing as stacked symbols on reels 1 and 5 to help create good things for you.

The bonus rounds offer experiences. One where you aim and, shoot an arrow at a scarecrow, for a reward, another where you pilfer from the wealthy while, evading the Sheriffs watchful eye and a third round where, you directly confront him. The bonus features hold prizes that're more abundant than expected.

Besides the bonus rounds this i slot has some features such, as stacked wilds that show up frequently and increase your winnings by replacing, symbols. Additionally there's the spins symbol Lady Marion, which triggers rounds spins. The wins you're to get from these spins are triple, making this very nice feature very more appealing.

Sherwood Forest Fortunes stands out as one of the i slots due to its very good features and very nice progressive gameplay. The bonus rounds are you're activated by your to be getting three symbols that change in each stages. Despite it's some drawbacks in effects this; is a very nice charming i slot it also provides for your great entertainment, with very nice attractive prizes. Sherwood Forest Fortunes is high recommend, as an i slot release that, will keep you always, coming back for excitement.