Winsanity Slots

We all have our own ideas about which software developer rules the internet with online slot games. However, Winsanity should win a prize just for that title. It’s a good one, isn’t it? Does it tell us anything about the game, though?

We need to explore the options for this one to see what it holds in store. Are you ready to come along for the ride?

Developer details for Winsanity slots

Rival Gaming has come up with all kinds of good games for their fans to play. We can now add Winsanity to that impressive collection.

The usual demo option is available too

Good news for you if you like to try a slot game before working out whether to pay to play it.

Does Winsanity have a good theme?

This is difficult to answer… if you check out the game, you’ll see why we say that. It is bright and colorful and that could be the only theme in action. There is a cartoonish feel to it, yet even that doesn’t quite nail it down.

Primary colors feature in the design

We said this was a bright slot and we meant it. Red, yellow, and blue are used to pronounced effect here. The color scheme makes everything clear and easy to see in action. The reels are large and that big element refers to other parts of the game too.

How to play Winsanity slots

The only prizes you could get in this game are the ones in the paytable. No progressive jackpots are included. Meanwhile, the game works on a three-reel format.

Wilds are the main attraction here, and yes, there are three of them rather than only one. Each one is displayed as a multiplier value. Meanwhile, each one only shows up on one reel, like this:

• Reel one – 2x wild • Reel two – 4x wild • Reel three – 6x wild

And yes, those multiplier values do apply to anything won with the relevant wild involved. The wilds are used as scatters as well, as the paytable explains.

Paylines… or payline?

Only one line appears in the game, so the latter is correct.

Play up to three coins on the payline

This is a common feature in online slots based on three reels and one line. You can do it here too. Coins go from one cent to ten dollars each.

The paytable stays on screen

Rather than switching to another screen to view the paytable, you can see it to the side of the reels whenever you play. It gives prizes for playing one, two, or three coins as well.

Bonus features

There are none to be found in this game.

What about free spins?

No, but that’s quite usual for a three-reel slot.

Do we know what the return to player percentage is?

Yes, it ranks slightly lower than the standard value, rated at 94.24%.

Does Winsanity earn a good rating from us?

It earns a reasonable one thanks to those wilds. Seeing three of them on their own reels, all with generous multipliers in action, is a good move. There are no other features to note, but we can give this one 7/10.

What is the biggest prize you could win?

If you played three coins and hit the top prize, you’d get 3,000x your wager. The top prize is won by finding 2x, 4x, and 6x across the single payline.

The demo lets you see whether it suits you

Some players might try Winsanity and then move on to other games. You can check out the possibilities it can offer by experimenting with the demo for a bit first.

Play Winsanity for real at Rival-powered casinos

It is the best way to ensure you have a chance to net real prizes. If it suits you and you like it, real play might be worth a try too.

Mobile access is easy

Find Winsanity at Rival casinos by visiting on your Android or iOS phone or tablet today. You’ll soon get the hang of playing on those devices as well.