Mystic Wolf Slots

The layout of Mythic Wolf online makes it easy, to learn how to play with its five reel setup. While I had some experience playing the game previously; delving into the specifics, for this Mythic Wolf review revealed a range of betting options. Players can set their coin bet value between $0.01 and $0.25. Wager up to ten coins at a time. With the flexibility of choosing from one, to 50 pay lines this slot game caters well to budgets. While it may not be overflowing with bonuses and special features ;any honest review of Mythic Wolf would say that it still offers entertainment and potential winnings. The game boasts two bonus features that trigger enough. Can bring in decent rewards.

Navigating through the very much information and payout tables is simple and user friendly. Apart from the spin button there's also an autoplay function allowing players to select spins ranging from 3 to 99 at a time. The snowy wilderness backdrop under moonlight sets the scene, for the game accompanied by background music reminiscent of a Native American drum and flute melody.

The original soundtrack of the very nice game had an emphasis, on big drum beats. The updated version of Mythic Wolf now does to features a more subtle soundtrack that still captures the essence of a Native American setting. In this slot game centered around wolves it's no surprise to see wolf representations on the reels; a wolf acting as the wilds multiplier a close up image of an intense looking wolf and a symbol depicting a howling wolf under the moonlight. Other symbols include a diamond, silver coin, moon close up and cards from 9 to ace. Apart from the leaping wolf symbol there are special symbols, like feathers triggering free spins and diamond shaped dice appearing during free spins to activate a Lunar Phase bonus round. While small wins are fine wagering $1 to win $0.50 isn't exactly a winning strategy. Fortunately free spins occur frequently in this game.

Here's the gist; To up your game, on Mythic Wolf focus on the perks. I enjoy the vibe of Mythic Wolf—the symbols under moonlight the rhythmic drumming in the background and the majestic wolf theme. Despite being a 5x3 slot it keeps you engaged. If you don't sense the winter breeze rustling through the trees or feel the snow crunching beneath your feet while playing Mythic Wolf—trust me you will. I appreciate that the wild symbol acts as a multiplier for any winning line it lands on. When combined with getting spins and doubling the wild multiplier from 5x to 10x—it truly elevates those spins to "Super" status.

I'm let down a bit but by Mythic Wolfs RTP. Rivals claim of volatility doesn't impress me much either; it implies frequent wins but with smaller payouts. My gripe with Mythic Wolf is that Rivals assertion of its volatility feels like wishful thinking, than solid evidence.

In my opinion when i'm playing the very fun game I'd say that the Mythic Wolf falls there somewhere in the range between low variance and on up to high. While you may have very great wins, here and there in the game they might not occur frequently as you would hope.

One note of a downside, of Mythic Wolf is the feature known as "Random Win" (renamed to "Wolf Win" in versions). Unlike a jackpot this feature; doesn't qualify as a jackpot all. It truly is a win, so unpredictable, that the game, doesn't even disclose how much you've won. This aspect, is yours an effort to, put you big excitement into what some may criticize; as an slot machine. Despite Rivals misstep with this feature Mythic Wolf is far, from ordinary. In mine own assessment of Mythic Wolf, is that it's a very simple game. It also possesses a big lot of good charm that makes it enjoyable easy to you playing and with very good lucrative.