Windy Farm Slots

Rival Gaming has again impressed with their release, Windy Farm, which offers players an entertaining theme and modern features. The layout of the 5 reels, in this slot game is user friendly making it easy for players to navigate. As Windy Farm is an addition to Rival Gamings lineup many are curious about how it compares to games by the same developer and slot titles in general. To provide insights we tested the game. Crafted this review to give you an overview of what Windy Farm brings to the table.

True to its name Windy Farm very much does to revolves around a farm setting characterized by winds that blow everything around including some wins. The game features 50 action packed paying out and bettings lines across 5 reels. Keep an very keen eye on the weather, vanes to track the direction of the wind and where the expanding wilds will appear. The reels are populated; with barnyard animals, like bulls, pigs, horses and goats that add a touch as they roam about wildly.

The colorful and lively cartoon visuals ;create a welcoming atmosphere, for players of all kinds set against the backdrop of a farm bustling with animated animals.

Windy Farm presents an very good and nice display for you with its vibrant and diverse color scheme typical of Rival Gaming slot machines. The forefront showcases an array of animals gathered in front of a door creating a scene reminiscent of a rural American farm field. The games design is so well very crafted that it will to be transports you to the setting of a countryside farm.

And also this very good game has a very nice sounds soundtrack that enhances the experience although it may become somewhat repetitive at times. The games control panel located at the bottom of there great games screen provides access to all functions. It's convenient that players can hover their mouse, over the buttons to understand their functions if they're not very immediately clear.

The betting system is really very very much straightforward. Offers flexibility for players to adjust their bets on the go. Through the plus or minus denomination options players can choose their coin values ranging from $0.01 to up to more $0.25.Players have the very good option for you to bet, up to 10 coins using the 'Select Coins feature at the bottom of the screen with a bet of $125. On both sides of the reels, there are minus buttons that allow players to adjust the number of paylines from 1 to 50. Additionally there is an 'Auto' feature at the bottom for convenience enabling players to set the reels to spin automatically and take a break.

When players land three bull symbols across the reels they trigger a free spin round consisting of 7 spins aimed at boosting payouts. The game also features a symbol that can substitute for other symbols enhancing players chances of forming winning combinations. Moreover if a wild symbol contributes to a win during a spin it triggers a 2x for increased winnings.

Rival Gaming; has incorporated an element, in this game with expanding wilds.

Many regular slot players are already acquainted with the concept of expanding wilds. However these are the very great games wilds take it a step further for reasons. They actually expand in the direction of the wind, which can be verified by observing the weather vanes and tumbleweed. It may seem a bit unusual. The integration of weather, into the theme of Windy Farm is quite effective so kudos to Rival Gaming for all of that.

Windy Farm sticks to the slot format. Offers bonuses, and extra great games features that are to be there typically expected. The cartoonish theme makes it appealing to an audience. Its functionality is really very good and also very excellent, with neatly lay out and very goodand very easily accessible options to play.